Oracle Master Nodes

50% of transaction fees are paid to Oracle Master Nodes that report timely sporting outcomes.

Rewards are distributed evenly between all active masternodes deemed to have the correct results.

Currently the white paper states "2000 possible Oracle Masternodes" but this could change over time.

Learn More by reading the White Paper

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Oracle Masternode Rewards is 50% of Transaction Fees

Head to Head Bets - 2%

2% x 50% = 1% Reward Rate


Multi User Bets - 4%

4% x 50% = 2% Reward Rate


Direct Chain Bets - 6%

6% x 50% = 3% Reward Rate


Oracle Masternode Rewards @ 50% of Transaction Fees

100*100 / x


Reward vs Node Count Chart -

Chart Explanation:

As more Oracle Master Nodes come online the reward decreases and splits into smaller chunks until it reaches the maximum number of nodes.

See: White Paper (Page 15)